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Painting on canvas by Sedik Adamian (1950)

The History

LEON Restaurant

Our restaurant business started more than half a century ago where the world was still healing from the sufferings of post WWII trauma and it was shattered between the East and the West.
It was named BANAFSHE TALAYEE LEON, meaning golden in Farsi and served some of the best Iranian Kebabs in the capital, Tehran, alongside other dishes. Time passed by and TALAYEE became famous not only for its Kebabs but mostly because of the friendly atmosphere and high quality service.
Like many other businesses in Iran, TALAYEE wasn’t safe from the longest war of the 20th century and was forced to be closed down, leaving Mr. Leon no choice but to retire much sooner than he planned.
After the Iran-Iraq war, a new era had begun with a change in young generations lifestyle and their apatite for experiencing new and foreign cuisine. That’s when we opened “the first real Pizza fast food restaurant” and gave a new name: Sogoli of Leon. It operated as a famous and very successful fast food restaurant.
In 2009 with a luxury restaurant concept in mind, we made some modifications and reopened as LEON Restaurant; a place to enjoy a fabulous meal in comfort for high end clients.


Modern Elahiye

Opal Center


A.S.P. Café