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Leon Express

Leon’s ethos express is and always will be quality of service. With that in mind, we've developed a logistics solution that not only delivers, but complements our Leon’s food quality.

We recognized how the demand for home food delivery was only getting more popular and thought that the delivery process needed to match restaurants and customers expectations.
As Leon expects the highest quality and we believe so do our customers. Now, you can finally experience the very best food from the very best restaurants with a delivery that does them justice.


If you are sensitive or allergic to any ingredient, please check the menu for guidance on items that contains Nuts or contains gluten. Although certain nuts, please be aware that traces of nuts may be found in non-nut marked dishes.


Special salad (Beef fillet slices, grilled mushrooms, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, special sauce)
Cranberries salad (Spinach, cranberries, barberry sauce, season’s fruit)
Caesar salad
Greek salad


Potatoe with cheese and mushroom
Potatoe with parmesan and garlic
Garlic bread
Garlic mushrooms
Spring roll (4 pcs.)
Fried prawn and calamari


Classic burger
Mushroom cheese burger
Jalapeno burger


Grilled tandoori chicken sandwich
Grilled steak sandwich
Ham and mozzarella with pesto
Grilled chicken fillet


Vanilla shake
Chocolate shake
Nutella shake
Strawberry shake
Oreo shake
Peanut shake


House Special (Chicken fillet, fillet steak, special creamy tomato sauce, special cheese)
Philadelphia (Calzone) (Strips of Steak Fillets, Special Sauce, Mushroom, Special Cheese)
Mexican (Calzone) (Chicken fillet inpicante sauce, mushroom, red and green pepper, special cheese,tomato sauce)
Pepperoni (Pepperoni, mushroom, green pepper, special cheese)
Ham Mix (Special ham, tomato sauce, mozzarella)
Vegi pizza (Baby corn, mushroom, bell pepper, tomato, eggplant, zucchini, olives, sesame, special cheese)
Meat and eggplant
Margherita (Tomato sauce, Leon’s special cheese, basil)


Queso (Cream cheese, black sesame, tomato, rocket)
Tostada (Jambon and cheese)
El pojo (Grilled chicken and spinach)
Smoked chicken toast (Smoked chicken, gouda cheese)
Marinera plus sandwich (Smoked salmon, spinach, parmesan, lime)
Alfredo pasta (Chicken and spinach pasta)
Meat lover pasta


Chicken Amor (Grilled chicken)
Fried chicken fillets with potatoes
Leon’s Steak
Grilled salmon with lemon sauce
Fish and chips (fried Tilapia with french fries)



Address: Corner of Kordestan and Hakim Highways, A.S.P. Towers

Phone: +98-21-88040240

Open hours: 11am-12am