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Leon Pâtissière

Leon Pâtissière is a luxury bakery and sweet maker house created...

Leon specialty is to find talents and open clever for any person who is willing to make a success.
The Patisserie department was created by my be loving niece “Melania” who I realized how madly she is in love with this irresistible product that we all love and by coaching directly and must her hand work resulted to this new professional department called Leon Patisserie.
Leon as a unique and luxury brand for more than a half a decade, and after serving its guests for various events decided to serve it is own desserts and cakes to ensure that the specialty and uniqueness of our food is served to our customers
Our Pastry is well-known for double decker macaroon, fresh and seasonal desserts, luxury and stylish cakes for birthday, anniversary, and special occasions to be ordered in our branches when you have an event or to be catered to your place.

For more info, please contact: +98-912-4802040